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All piercings are done with a sterile single use needle.  
We don't ever use piercing guns!

We provide a clean and sterile environment & nothing less!  We are rated at the top of our class 
& we are certified by 
The Porter County Health Department. 

All piercing jewelry used is surgical grade steel or titanium, 
appropriate for initial healing and is
 sterilized before use. 
We do not use gold or silver jewelry 
for initial piercings! Gold, Sterling Silver & similar jewelry are made of alloys that should not be sterilized since doing so will redefine & weaken the material. These types of metal also produce a breeding ground for bacteria for fresh piercings that can counteract with bodily fluids from a fresh & healing piercing.

at ASG Ink, we stock an extensive variety of quality jewelry available for purchase to replace initial piercings after healing & we work with several vendors to find & special order just the right piece you are looking for!

As Professionals, we only carry aftercare  products & kits that have been tested & strongly recommended to procure & maintain optimal 
healthy healing of all bodyart!
*Appointments REQUIRED for 
under 13yo earlobe piercing clients 
& Corset/Dermal Design Services

Always Accepts
 UNDER 13 MINOR Clients for Earlobe Piercings!!!
 Professionals DON'T use piercing guns! Never have, Never will!
 Parents have done the research to find the horrifying 
 risks & damage associated with the "guns" & they are 
 looking for a better, healthy & safe alternative!

 ASG INK has this covered, no more worries!
 We have always been family-friendly, as professionals, we
 strongly advocate piercing education/health as well as aftercare, 
 maintenance & our artists have pierced 1000's+ of minors... it only 
 makes sense that ASG INK, the top rated facility in Porter County,
 provide those resources that are in need & demand for our younger clients!

 Under 13 Minor Earlobe Set $36.42 (upgrade to cz +$10/pair)
 Please call to make appointments for this service!
 Includes: piercing service by a trained professional piercing artist, surgical implant grade jewelry and
 Xpressions Spray Medicated Aftercare for safe & optimal healthy healing! 

All minors under the age of 18 are required to submit their government issued Birth Certificate & Photo ID.
Minors under 13 will require Birth Certificate AND TWO current forms of the following: 
School ID, State ID, Passport, Social Security Card, 
Health Card, Immunization Record or Report Card.
Minors will need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian with a valid government issued ID 
such as at least ONE of the following: State ID, Driver's License/Permit OR Passport.
For Custodial or Power of Attorney issues, those current documents must also be submitted.
 Specific laws & codes make it necessary to collect certain information. We NEVER share nor sell ANY  Information! 
Documents & copies are always kept safe & confidential! All documents must be current & valid. Some restrictions may apply.

For Our 
Younger Clients
5-13 yo

C-Trio Piercing
Vertical Hood + Christina + Horizontal Hood

Jacob's Ladder
Single Rung $60
Rung Pair $110
3 or More $50 per Rung

Inverse Vertical Labret



Surface Tragus

Vertical Industrial

Flat Helix/Cartilage
$20; upgrade +$5 ea

Triple Forward Helix $60 
Triple Helix $60
The NoPull Piercing Disc
A small idea with a big result.
Do not be quick to abandon your piercing!

The NoPull Piercing Disc™ was initially designed for the comfort of new piercings, to protect the site from the harsh jewelry backing while swelling is present. The Disc provides a comfortable cushion of soft medical-grade silicone, protecting soft tissue piercings, and preventing the jewelry back from causing irritation or the possibility of sinking, which can happen with any piercing when swollen.

We soon realized that the Disc was consistently helping heal hypertrophic scarring; a common, stubborn bump that can develop in just any new, or even long-healed piercings! This is rarely the "fault" of anyone, but more often due to trauma or susceptibility, etc.  

When worn for scarring (the dreaded piercing bump), NoPull Piercing Disc™ has proven, in the majority of cases, to smooth out and completely even heal this condition safely, quickly, without discomfort, and without anxiety! The NoPull Piercing Disc™ is worn for (approximately) 2 - 4 weeks, with gentle, but direct contact with the bump.
**Special Pricing-Corset Piercing Services**
1. Must Book A Consultation Appointment 

 2. A Deposit Will Be Required 
To Book The Service

American Skin Graphics, Tattoos, Valparaiso, IN
Family-Friendly, Limited Services for Minors
Piercings Walk-in Services, Tattoo Services Walk-in Welcome, Appointments Suggested
 Our Entire ProCrew Staff is 
Fully Knowledgeable on 
All Facets of Tattoos, Piercings, Aftercare, Jewelry & Much More!
Any of the ASGInk ProCrew are able to
book appointments, answer questions, address concerns, provide suggestions & reasonably advise clients.

Only the Tattoo & Piercing Professionals 
are Permitted to Consult, Assess & Service Clients.

Piercing Pro Adam is Very Popular because of his Professionalism, 
his Vast Experience, Continual Research & Updated Skills Training.

Jess is quickly following the lead of her Mentor!  She has logged in many hours of study, practice & service to date! 
Adam has now approved a large variety & types of piercings, including change-outs, that Jess is servicing without supervision.
While she is a Piercer on staff certain days of the week along side 
Adam, ASG's OG-PP  (he professionally performs all piercings & 
is the only Piercer for specific ones at this time),
Jess continues to learn & apply as an Apprentice! (She is off on Tuesdays),
& Adam will be selecting his day off TBD.
#thankyou #weloveourclients #asgcrewbies

for kiddos earlobes 5 years & up, 
pre-teens, teens & adults ages 18-92+ 



Piercing Professional             
**Piercing Jewelry Changes Available! Healed Piercings Only
When you Buy Jewelry from ASG the Change-out is FREE! or Bring Your Own Jewelry for a Fee: 
**Most change-outs $5 Each, Genital $10 Each, Ball-Replacement $2  
[Prices May Vary, Restrictions &/or Limitations May Apply]
Open at 11am Everyday
Services & Jewelry for Adults & Minors of ALL AGES!!
Gemstone Upgrades Starting at $5 each
Titanium Upgrades Starting at $10 each