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How old do I need to be to get a Tattoo or Piercing?
You must be 18 years of age for individual consent.
Tattoo 16 years or Piercing 14 years: with proper documentation & consent of accompanying custodial parent/guardian.
5 to 13 years Earlobe Piercings Only!


​For 18+ Clients:  
You will need to fill out paperwork and show proof that you are 18 years or older. Each client must present a current & valid photo identification, such as; State I.D. or Driver's License or Passport.
Under 18 Clients: 
MUST be accompanied by the parent/custodial parent/guardian the entire visit -AND- The minor will need to provide their Birth Certificate -AND- BOTH must have a current & valid photo I.D. that match last names/addresses.  
Custodial & Power of Attorney issues; required current documentation stating specific information.
School I.D.'s may not reflect proper identification & may not be usable. Any documentation via the school a minor attends reflecting required information may also be used. Some examples of photo ID's representative of a minor are; School issue ID, State issue ID, Learners Permit, Drivers License, Passport.  ASG INK is able to download the student profile information for those students/parents that are able to access their school's online portal in the studio (such as Skyward).
Under 13 Clients: 
MUST be accompanied by the parent/custodial parent/guardian the entire visit -AND- The minor will need to provide their Birth Certificate -AND- BOTH must have a current & valid photo I.D. that match last names/addresses. If the minor does not have a valid photo ID, then TWO ADDITIONAL forms of documentation must be presented (such as Health Card, Social Security Card, Report Card, Immunization Record, Court Documents).
Custodial & Power of Attorney issues; required current documentation stating necessary information.
School I.D.'s may not reflect proper identification & may not be usable. Any documentation via the school a minor attends reflecting required information may also be used. Some examples of photo ID's representative of a minor are; School issue ID, State issue ID, Learners Permit, Drivers License, Passport. ASG INK is able to download the student profile information for those students/parents that are able to access their school's online portal in the studio (such as Skyward).

 *The state of Indiana will issue a state ID to any individual at any age, including toddlers & minors of all ages!
This is to protect your child as well as our studio liability! 

Please scroll down to "The day of my tattoo" for information on what to bring the day of your tattoo appointment including the do's & don'ts and what to expect.

Do Tattoos or Piercings hurt?
One of our favorite quote is from artist Kristel Oreto "Tattoos feel like fluffy kittens & moonbeams!" bwahahaha
Seriously though, pain varies by the client’s individual pain tolerance, any swelling that may occur, how much blood or plasma your body emits, the area of the body being tattooed/pierced & the length of time of your session. 

How much will my tattoo cost? How much will my piercing cost?
Tattoos vary in price based on multiple factors; concept, size, detail, placement, color, time needed, etc. Our studio determines these factors through consultation & provides to you a price per design/concept, not hourly like most shops.
Please refer to our Piercing Charts page for all of our piercing options & prices.

What is the shop tattoo minimum?
Most tattoo studios place a shop minimum because the artists charge hourly.  Our studio of artists price their work by the piece & concept instead of hourly, therefore house minimums aren't really accurate. But, we get asked "what is shop minimum" all the time.... so, though not indicative of pricing, we have set a minimum of $60. Generally this means, even if only a dot is to be tattooed pretty much anywhere on the body it is essentially $60, lol.  Creativity is in our blood, our machines bleed ink!  The artists want to create & we will make every effort to provide the art you seek within your budget! Bring us your design ideas as they can be minimized or embellished depending upon your budget and consultations are always free & of no commitment! 

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Credit & Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and Tap Pay.  Full payment will be required before services are rendered.  Deposits are necessary to book tattoo appointments. All payments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

Should I tip my artist?
A portion of the cost of a tattoo or piercing goes to the studio & a fraction to the artist.  To tip an artist shows that you thought the artwork you just received was well worth what they charged and you were happy enough to give a little extra to the artist. Tipping isn't just for cows! It isn't required, but is appreciated!

​Do I need an appointment?
Yes & No. Walk-Ins are always welcome, but to guarantee your spot, it is best to set up an appointment. 
Consultations are free... and are essential in setting up the artwork. The artists obviously needs to talk to you about your idea. Calling to make an appointment for a 30 minute consult is preferred, but hey, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by & we will see what magic can be made! 

​How do I reschedule my appointment?
We require 48 hours notice to reschedule an appointment. Do not contact the artist or an employee outside of the studio to make arrangements. Please call the STUDIO at 219-286-3257 with any scheduling issues.  All NO CALL/NO SHOW appointments are noted on record so having multiples of these is not cool & may cause us to reevaluate any future bookings. Anyone with a deposit that is a NO CALL/NO SHOW will forfeit any deposits on file.  We know stuff happens, just please be considerate & let us know what's up before your scheduled appointment & we will work with you!

Do I need to schedule a consultation to make an appointment to get a tattoo?
Yes and no. In order for your artist to figure out all of the details of your design, you will need to do a consultation with him/her, whether you call ahead or just stop in.  From there, your artist will know how much time to put aside for your appointment and a game plan to properly design the tattoo to your specifications. It is best to come prepared for your consultation with any reference pictures that pertain to your tattoo. Most artists may not have much time available to consult if they are already tattooing, so walking in to do a consultation may be hit or miss. To guarantee a time to speak with an artist, it’s best to call a head and schedule. Initial consultations are always FREE without commitment!

Do I need to pay a deposit to book an appointment?
Yes. Deposit amounts vary based on the piece, your artist and their availability. Your deposit will ensure that your spot is held for your appointment and goes toward the time your artist spends designing your tattoo. Your deposit will be deducted from the total cost upon completion of your tattoo. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE. We require 48 hour notice for rescheduling. Anyone with a deposit that is a NO CALL/NO SHOW will forfeit any deposits on file. We know stuff happens, just please be considerate & let us know what's up before your scheduled appointment & we will work with you! Please see our deposit policy for full details!

​Is it safe and sterile?
All of our tattoo and piercing work is performed utilizing state-of-the-art equipment that is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized to ensure the safety of all of our guests. We utilize individually packaged, sterile & disposable needles, tubes & razors. We make extensive efforts to certify a clean environment. Our studio is tested monthly. Health code regulations and standards are not just followed, but exceeded. Every individual in our studio is Bloodborne Pathogens Certified & re-certified annually. ASG INK, LLC carries all business licenses & permits required by all local, state & federal departments & we are certified as well as inspected regularly by The Porter County Health Dept.

​My friend started tattooing from home & doing tattoo parties, isn't it the same thing only cheaper?
NO! Your friend could be putting you in great danger. They do not have the necessary permits and experience to be tattooing. Our artists are experienced and certified. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and sterilize all equipment. Tattooing is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly and a true artist takes their craft very seriously. Part of this is doing things the right way and keeping our clients’ safety and health at the forefront of every decision we make. The cleanliness of the environment you are being tattooed in, sterility, disease contraction, cross contamination, and the ability of the artist who will be doing the work are all things that you need to consider. We will not jeopardize the health and safety of our clients. Save yourself the trouble and possible infection or disease! We can do tattoo parties in our studio at reasonable costs & with the health & safety of everyone in mind!

​Can I use a numbing cream for my tattoo?
We do not recommend using any type of numbing cream prior to your tattoo due to the fact that it can distort and swell the skin, sometimes making it difficult for the artist to tattoo.  If you do feel the need to use a numbing agent, you will want to discuss this with your artist.  We do have tested & safe products available. We carry NOTHING by H2Ocean, which contains the maximum allowance of Lidocaine. 

Can I still get tattooed/pierced if I'm sick?
NO!  If you are sick with persistent cough, have the flu or even a cold, call to reschedule immediately!  Aside from the fact that it is unhealthy & possibly dangerous for our staff & customers, there could be adverse reactions that may occur during the tattoo/piercing process.

Can I still get tattooed/pierced if I'm pregnant?
NO!  There is a high risk of infection to you & the baby.  There are several factors that may attribute to to severe or even fatal consequences.

Can you tattoo/pierce over a rash or sunburn?
NO! We cannot perform tattoos nor piercings on sunburns, rashes, nor on or near open wounds.  Please call us to reschedule if the placement of skin is compromised. 

Should I prepare the area that I will be getting tattooed by shaving beforehand?
NO! NO! NO! annnnnd NO! Leave that to the artist!  There are too many variables involved that could perpetuate some very not cool conditions, including very hazardous bacteria! Definitely not judging, but some of those razors out there sit for weeks, becoming rusty & collecting bacteria! Yuck! They have been used how many times by how many people? ewww!
 Even if it is a new razor, by the time you came in it would need to be shaved again, plus we can't tattoo over new nicks & cuts you may endure by shaving yourself! Please leave the shaving to our artists!! Our razors are sterile, pre-packaged & designed for single use.

Should I take anything before my appointment to help with possible pain? What about any medications I am currently prescribed?
NO! DON'T ingest any type of pain medicines,  OTC tablets, alcohol or drugs.  There are many multiplying factors that could harm your health during the tattoo/piercing process as well as compromise the situation & the artist's ability to complete the work. This can also lead to excessive scabbing during the healing process. If you come to your appointment under the influence, you will be told to leave & your deposit will be forfeit. Believe us, this will not help the pain tolerance, it only makes matters worse. You MUST disclose any & all prescriptions to make sure your prescriptions will not have an adverse effect on your tattoo or during the process.  Clients that regularly take certain medications, such as blood thinners, heart medications, chemotherapy drugs, including certain other prescriptions, may not be permitted to receive services.  Please discuss your concerns with the artist.

​Is it OK to lay-out in the sun or go in the tanning bed after getting a new tattoo/piercing? What about swimming in a pool?
Absolutely not! Follow your artist’s aftercare instructions to the letter! You will be provided aftercare instruction sheets. Keep your new tattoo out of the sun/tanning bed as well as pools which are highly chlorinated & can cause inflamation & infection.  Bodies of water carry microbial buggies & other things that can damage the tissue of the skin, cause inflamation & infection.  DON'T put sunscreen onto fresh tattoos. Fresh piercings should NOT be submersed in pools!! 
Wait until it’s completely healed to ensure proper & healthy healing.

Can I take a bath with a fresh tattoo or piercing?
NO! Only shower during the healing process.  Soaking a tattoo or piercing will cause harm & possibly irreversible damage to the tattoo or piercing & the healing process.

How long will it take for my tattoo to fully heal?
There are factors that will vary a healing process. Obviously, good hygiene is going to be the main one. A tattoo is an open wound, so treat it as one. Avoid anything that breeds bacteria, such as pools, hot tubs and even placing it on a restaurant table. Harsh chemicals or scents will irritate it and make the area burn. Wash your sheets, avoid pet hair do NOT use any thick ointments such as A&D or Vaseline. Treat your tattoo well, and you should heal smoothly. We carry kits that will aid in the healthy healing process. You should see the tattoo to slightly scab up in the next couple of days. It may take as little as a couple days or more for the shedding process to complete. DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK the scabbing/shedding process. Some ink may flake off, don't worry as this is normal. Once the healing is complete, your artist will provide a free touch-up to finish the piece. Generally this is no sooner than 2-4 weeks. Please adhere to the instructions given by your artist & no one else!

Will I receive any touch-ups after my tattoo is completed?
Yes! Your artist will provide a touch-up session without fee within 3 months of your tattoo.  This does NOT mean a total REDO because you did not care for your tattoo properly! In that case, you will be charged accordingly. After 3 months, any work may be considered a restoration. Additional touch-ups may incur a nominal fee.

What type of jewelry is used for piercings & how long will it take for my piercing to heal?
We only use surgical grade jewelry which is included with the price of  a piercing.  After healing, this may be changed out for more ornamental jewelry. General healing will take between seven to ten days. However, it can take up to about four to six weeks for initial healing, depending on your skin & the type of piercing.  This is usually the safe point at which the jewelry can be changed out.  Complete healing is much longer & dependent on the type of piercing.  The piercing artist will discuss & review the Healing Chart as well as aftercare & maintenance instructions during your visit.

Will ASG INK allow my child into the shop while I get a tattoo/piercing?
Yes! We are a family oriented studio, unlike most shops!  We only ask that you bring another individual with you to help keep an eye on babies & toddlers.  Our restrooms also facilitate changing needs.

Can my friends/family come with me to the studio & into the artist's private studio?
You may have tag-a-longs, but we do ask you to limit the number to just a couple.  We have several artists & the lobby can become quite full of bodies sometimes.  The artist's have a limited amount of room within their private studio, so please be considerate.  We don't want the quality of your work compromised, but we know that you may need some hands to hold.

Can we bring or order food & eat inside the studio?
You may bring food or order delivery to our studio but is ONLY permitted in the lobby area.  Food & open containers will NOT be permitted in the artist's private studios.  There are many health hazards & codes that do not allow this.

Can we take photographs inside any part of the studio?
Yes & No! In general, taking pictures of your friend while getting tattooed is OK, please ask your artist when wishing to do so. Pictures of your group in the lobby, that's OK.  Even taking a picture with our Mascot Geoffrey, or with our staff, that is a very fun OK! What is NOT OK & NOT permitted is taking pictures of ANY artwork in our studio, which includes but not limited to the artist's work as well as any/all flash & drawings.  This is considered theft & violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Will the artist send me a copy of the artwork to be approved?
NO! The design is considered property of the artist.  We will NOT do any design approval via text message, Facebook or email.    If you are unhappy with the design, we will work with you to make the needed changes to make sure you love it and it best meets your needs & desires, while still maintaining artistic integrity and character. We are happy to make small changes here and there. Excessive re-draw requests and drawing time may require an up-charge, however, in proportion for the size of the tattoo and the amount of time spent working on it. Your artist will give you an availability to come into the studio, at your convenience, to approve of the design or make any changes before the day of your appointment.  You will not receive any copies of the design other than the one tattooed on your skin. 

Could I have an allergic reaction?
​Although not common, allergic reactions can happen.  We only use certified inks & adhere to all expiration dates.  We do NOT import our products, including inks, from China, as we ONLY use reputable distributors  selling ONLY tested & certified products.  We discuss allergies before the service at intake with each client.  It is important to be honest with your artist so they can use a different product if needed in order to avoid a reaction.  Some of our artists use Latex gloves & these are stored onsite.  Please inform us at intake of this allergy so that the artist can can take appropriate precautions & use Nitrile gloves instead.  

The Day of My Tattoo:
Make sure you are well rested & drink plenty of water.  Please use proper hygiene before arriving to your appointment.  Please don't show up straight from the mill or gym, that will result in a rescheduled appointment. Avoid caffeine, alcohol & drugs 24 hours prior to getting tattooed. Be sure to bring your ID, there will be paperwork to fill out.  Cash, Card, Tap Pay & ASG INK Gift Cards are accepted (only 2 forms can be used during a single transaction).  You will want to eat a good meal an hour or so beforehand & HYDRATE (this means plenty of water!) You may arrive early & eat in our lobby (food is NOT permitted within the the artist's private studio).  This helps avoid feeling light headed or dizzy when getting tattooed.  This happens when you experience a decrease in blood sugar levels during the process because your body is reacting to the pain via surges of adrenaline.  Wear appropriate attire for the tattoo you are about to get.  Don't wear something new or your favorite outfit as splattering of ink can occur, it will not wash out & we will not be held liable.  Breaks are permitted during the tattoo process, but it is best to limit them.  Although our studio is family-friendly, very small children & babies may distract an artist's attention & you want them focused on you instead of what your adorable toddler is doing or the sounds of a crying baby that really needs your attention. Please plan accordingly, whether that means bringing someone to keep an eye on the little ones in the lobby or arranging for a sitter at home. Limit your group of supporters to 1 or 2 as the artist's private studios are limited on space. Bring a calm mind and good spirits. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt us a bit. … Seriously though, the more calm and relaxed you are, the easier the process will be. Our staff will make it as painless and fun as possible, but a good attitude always helps.  

DON'T get a tattoo from a party in your friends living room or tattooed by some guy in his kitchen or basement.  It simply is NOT a sterile atmosphere & there are always too many unknown factors 
that can potentially  be harmful or even life threatening.

only be obtained by completing an annual course that is ONLY available via specific institutions. 
Here are some important questions to consider before allowing ANYONE to tattoo your body or pierce your skin;

Does the facility have a license to operate?  Is the shop & artist regulated by the Health Department?
Has the piercing artist been trained professionally? 
{Professionals never use 'guns' ! Trained professionals know that nothing but surgical grade steel or titanium can be sterilized 
& should be the only type of jewelry used for initial piercings! Never gold or sterling silver, those are alloys!}
Does shop have a requirement & training manual on hand for clients to view?
Has the artist & staff had any specific training in preventing disease transmission?
Is there any sterilization equipment on the premises and is it tested regularly? Ask to view the data testing logs!
Does the tattoo artist use disposable, one-use-only needles, tubes & razors?
Are all non-disposable equipment made out of stainless steel that can be sterilized?
Are unused pigment portions disposed of following their use?
Does the artist provide written after care instructions? Do they offer those aftercare products in the shop?
Are the shop & bathrooms clean?  Are the guest bathrooms/sink separate from artist workstations?
Is the workstation thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each tattoo/piercing?
Are supplies kept in sterile receptacles with lids?  Is there a covered "sharps" container for disposing used needles?
Does the  artist wash his/her hands frequently?  Does the tattoo artist use latex/nitrile gloves when working with a client? 
Are the gloves changed if the artist touches something else (including him/herself) during the procedure?
Is the tattoo artist clean and sober?  Does the artist use only tested & trusted brands of ink?
Does the shop provide vendor information from where the inks & supplies come from?
Will the artist spend the time to discuss details, options, possibilities & to answer all  questions in a professional manner, 
in a professional setting without commitment? Is the staff helpful & organized?
Does the shop have a uniform standard procedure, including scheduling, paperwork, receipt & record keeping?
These are a few things to take notice of & if even one of these is answered less than expected... walk out the door!
(Standard Operating Procedures-Requirements & Training)
if they don't have one or it is not complete & current, leave!

It should contain; requirements by law (local, state, federal) concerning tattoo prep & set-up, studio standards which include age & ID requirements, dated health department inspections & contact information, monthly dated biological testing of equipment & results by a certified lab, monthly dated training responsibilities & artist verification, dated infectious waste disposal forms, 
MSDS (manufacturer safety data sheet) for inks & products used in-studio, current (NOT expired) BBP (Blood Bourne Pathogens) certification for each artist and staff member, certificate of insurance
and any other information pertaining to the health, safety & maintenance of services/studio/products.
Check Our Credentials :)
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Family-Friendly, Limited Services for Minors
Piercings Walk-in Services, Tattoo Services Walk-in Welcome, Appointments Suggested
Finalizing Process & Requirements to 
submit for review & certification! :)