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About ASG INK 
ASG INK is locally owned & operated right here in Valparaiso, IN. Other shops may offer similar services, but our services are the best, affordable and come with a personal touch.  
We are not your typical tattoo & piercing studio!

A different look from all of the rest, a comfortable & inviting atmosphere, clean & sterile standards of operation, professional & creative artists - these are just a few things that rise us above the other shops!  
Private artist's studio rooms allow for the clients comfort when consulting, tattooing or piercing!  
We will also provide you with aftercare information and sell aftercare products at reasonable costs 
that will help keep your tattoos clean & vibrant and all of your piercings healthy! 

​Here's a little about our staff & artists:


Adam B.

Adam has over 17 years of 
Tattooing and Piercing Experience. 
He specializes in Traditional, Tribal, Black & Grey, Lettering, Signatures, Flash, Symbolism, Cover-Up & Rework Concepts.

Adam is a major history buff, 
and he has a vast array of knowledgeable of many symbols, lettering, numerals, languages (fiction & non-fiction), various biblical & religious information, interpretations, definitions & more from all around the world & from many time periods.  
The same can be said for his passion & comprehension of music of all genres, 
especially punk, rock & rockabilly!
 He is a boss at lettering as well as fingerprints & footprints.  

Adam prices his own tattoo work, 
just as the other artists do.
It is strongly suggested that a free consultation be booked ahead of time.  This allows ample time to discuss in full detail all aspects of a design/concept 
& budget with full attention from your artist.
Of course, he will make every effort to visit with you 
should you walk-in the studio at your convenience.

Adam is also a trained professional piercing artist.
He is well-equipped to perform all types of body & ear piercings, including dermals, micro-dermals, oral & genital piercings.  Adam is the only artist on staff that performs all penile piercings.  
Adhering above & beyond to all health & safety standards, Adam has a great style & approach 
that place clients at ease.  He will make sure that clients understand each step of the procedure & fully explain aftercare options & importance. 

Johnny V.
Johnny has over 22 years of 
Tattooing and Piercing experience. 
He specializes in Black & Grey, Tribal, Flash, Bio-Mechanical, Japanese, Portrait, Skull Work, Freehand Lettering and Cover-Ups.

Johnny is also a trained professional piercing artist.
He is well-equipped to perform all types of body & ear piercings, including dermals, micro-dermals, oral & genital piercings. 

Adhering above & beyond to all health & safety standards, Johnny has a great sense of  humor
that turns the room into fun. He will make sure that clients understand each step of the procedure & fully explain aftercare options & the importance of each.


Has been honing her skills the past few years, learning through experience & apprenticeships. 
She has excelled quickly under the detailed apprenticeship of 
Johnny V. Adam B. &  ASG INK.  She has  definitely earned her place in a private studio here at American Skin Graphics!!

Mousie specializes in Watercolor, Illustrative, Realism, New School Color, 
Black & Grey, Comic Book, 
Fantasy and Traditional Concepts.

 Boss  Lady
​thankya, thankya very much
Studio Manager
Keeping shop, organizing stuff, scheduling bookings
& of course taking names!


Geoffrey was born in Africa, a long long time ago, so he was a real giarraffe at one time.
He sacrificed his life for the betterment of the people that live amongst the villages surrounding the fields that he roamed.

He does love it here at ASG INK, meeting all the friends that stop by that are in such awe of him, it makes him proud for all the good he
 has done & continues to accomplish, even just sitting here in our lobby!

You see....
Giaraffe run freely & wildly in Africa, 
just as Deer in America do.  
Similarly, the population is controled by the seasonal hunts & the animals are utilized for their meat & hydes,
humanely & legally!

the fees involved in the cost for organized hunts 
for an array of animals set in specific areas 
are used not only for the taxidermy 
& shipment of the mount, 
but also for water & medical supplies that are greatly needed & distributed throughout the villages AND the animals are butchered to feed the peoples & villages in the surrounding areas.
(Endangered animals are NOT part of these hunts!)

These hunts benefit the people much more so than their own hunts, for much of the carcass rots & becomes waste as most village hunters only take what can be carried or used right away 
and they don't have the added water & medical supplies!

Be proud of Geoffrey! Share his love story!
Also, Don't be shy while you are visiting,
he loves to be included in your selfies! 
Be sure to TAG US using any of the # below!

#asginktattoos or #ASG_INK_TATTOOS
Admin Clerk
Tasks include customer service, forms, systems, files, processes, procedure, some other technical stuff.. plus Jess
 is in charge of all of the cleaning supplies, especially since she 
hides the keys to the janitorial closet ;)
Fluent in Spanish, English 
annnnd Spanglish!

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