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We fill our studio with Professional & Certified Artists that LOVE what they do with providing Experience & Quality Services at Affordable Pricing.  We go steps further with a staff that is well organized & PERSONABLE, taking into account the considerations of each client! American Skin Graphics services all types of Tattoos & Piercings under an Open Door policy while also giving back to the community & organizations that are close to our hearts! Check the Specials & Events tab to learn more.

We have ALWAYS been Family-Friendly! Plus, Professional Earlobe Piercing Services are available for KIDS starting at the age of 5 years old, EVERYDAY!  Our staff has tons of training & experience with kiddos of all ages :) 
The Piercing Studio also has a separate entrance/exit & private lobby, located on the East side of the building, while the connecting Hallway of Art provides access between both the Piercing & Tattoo Studios for convenience.

We have a large selection of flash, magazines, sketches & photos of various ideas as well as finished & in-progress work.  
The artist's Galleries & more is easily accessible for your convenience via the E-Workstation located in the front lobby! 
Any of our talented & creative artists are eager to brainstorm with you to help customize your ideas, designs & imagination into a tattoo & piercing that you will love!

We are OSHA Certified, Certified by The American Red Cross & consistently maintain a higher level of code standards!  
We are approved & highly rated by The Porter County Health Department!  Our very knowledgeable & professional studio staff also acquire certification & consistently receive training.  The staff coordinate all scheduling, assist clients & artists, maintain secure accounting of records, files, inventory & tons more all while rising above the standards!

 Keeping your privacy in mind, our service studios provide a private tattoo/piercing room for the client to feel safe & comfortable while the artist has productive creativity, there is even room for your supporters, all without interruption or distraction from everything else going on throughout the studio!

We offer the best in Custom & Flash Tattoos including Tattoo Rework & Artistic Cover-ups/Professional Piercing Services including Removal, Correction & Jewelry Changes/The right Aftercare at the right price, we only carry what we trust & use!
We stock 1000's of selections of Quality Jewelry at ridiculous prices, you can even choose items to place on order at similar ridiculous prices! Shop our various awesome Clothing lines, including designs by the artists, limited collections & brand labels.

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                                  ASG INK, American Skin Graphics is located at 858 W. Lincolnway in Valparaiso Indiana 

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American Skin Graphics, Tattoos, Valparaiso, IN
Family-Friendly, Limited Services for Minors with Requirements
Piercings Walk-in Serviced, Tattoo Services Walk-in Welcome, Appointments Suggested
Welcome to American Skin Graphics
​ Tattoo Services & Merch 
 Tattoo Services Adults & *Minors  16+ 

Professional Tattoo Artists;



​  Piercings & Jewelry  
 Servicing Adults & Minors   
 of *ALL AGES    ​

*Some Restrictions Apply

Thank you for your patience & understanding as we begin the process of reopening the studio per the guidelines mandated by the State of Indiana, we look forward to getting back to work & seeing your faces!
There are some changes that we will be implementing for the health & safety of all.

Tattoo services have resumed, by appointment only!
This includes consults, touch-ups, any tattoo work. 
Any "walk-in" clients will be advised to call for appointment.

Retail shopping is open to convenience of customer during business hours, 
still limiting the number of patrons in the studio at any time.
Please schedule as much as in advance as possible as available slots have been filling fast!
We will continue to offer Virtual Tattoo & Piercing Consultations also, please call the desk for scheduling.

Piercing & Jewelry Studio Open Mon thru Saturday 12pm-6pm *Starting 5/4/2020
Tattoo & Merch Studio Open Mon thru Thu 10am-6pm, Fri & Sat 11am-9pm *Starting 5/11/2020

Only the client will be permitted in the studio during the appointment, unless in the case of a minor which does 
require to be accompanied by the legal parent/guardian, so additional individuals including children. 
Everyone is required to sanitize their hands & put on a mask at the door (masks provided as needed).
No more than 8 people will be allowed in the studio at any time, this includes staff.
Please practice social distancing as possible & if you are sick, please do not come into the studio.

Contact the studio at 219-286-3257 or send a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Piercers with experience
American Skin Graphics                
Johnny V.
Johnny V.
Professional Tattoo Artist - 25+ Years
We Are An Open Book-Literally!
Just Ask to See the 
ASG Ink SOP Book at 
any front desk! 
Inside is all Info including; laws, training, inspections, license, insurance, certifications, spore test logs, MSDS on all usable products, Sharp Disposal logs, processes, vendors & more!

We only buy from the manufacturer & qualified, reputable distributors! 
Every purchase is inventoried so we know exactly where we bought it, when, how many, how it got to us, what lot number & more! Health, Safety, Quality & Cost are firsthand factors for Clients, Artists, Staff & Visitors alike! 
Client receipts are always provided with all services & sale!
These can be reprinted upon request!
Personal & Medical Information are always kept private within a secured system & never shared! When requested, copies will be made available of completed documents only to the client that received services.
All documents are binding & subject to law, Without Exception, 
ALL clients require valid photo ID, Minors additionally require their birth certificate (not copy) & be accompanied by the legal parent/guardian! (other additional documents may be required if needed to further clarify custody/guardianship).
Representation by:
Student Tattoo Artist
Professional Tattoo Artists & Piercing Pros
send inquiry w/info, experience & references to
Jake M.
Stacey G.
Admin ProClerk
********Due to the impact of COVID & internal unforeseeable matters that have affected ASG INK & the entire crew, we are preparing for a full transition of the company, services & products while continuing daily business 
with some temporary changes. 
This has been a very difficult time for the staff emotionally/physically & all have been working very hard to arrange, rearrange, accommodate & supply for clients in the best way possible with the resources available.
We ask for your patience & understanding at this time while we continue to pull together & forge ahead during this transition.*******
THANK YOU! #weloveourclients
*Other Restrictions may apply-See FAQ's Page for more info

Merch & Marketing Manager
Professional Tattoo Artist - 5+ Years